City of Boise

Mayor David Bieter

Welcome to the City of Trees. Boise has an independence and creative spirit not found in many cities. Come discover what makes Boise such a wonderful place to live.
– Mayor David Bieter

Boise Kind


Boise Kind is a community-wide initiative that highlights, protects and promotes the community’s core values and helps to ensure Boise remains kind and welcoming. Join us by taking the Boise Kind pledge and logging acts of kindness.

Road to X Games


Tickets for premium bleacher seats to watch the final rounds of the Road to X Games: Boise Park Qualifier at Rhodes Skate Park on Saturday, June 29 are on sale now! Don't miss this chance to snag great seats to watch these world-class athletes.

Keep Boise Moving

ValleyRide Bus.jpg

A comprehensive and efficient transportation system is critical to Boise’s future success. As the city grows, its transportation network must evolve to meet the changing needs of the community while also sustaining high livability and a robust economy.

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